About Nicole

I have always had a strong passion and concern for animals and the natural world.  Ever since I was little, I would draw and paint the various plants and animals that share our planet.

Being homeschooled allowed me to be mainly self taught.  I also received tutoring from established artists during my teenage years.  But what really sparked my interest in portraying realistic representations of animals were the works of Robert Bateman.  His work inspired me to not only portray what the animal looks like, but also what it feels.  I work mainly in pencil and coloured pencil, although I have worked in acrylics as well.  My illustrations show a strong attention to detail, and a deep affection for the subjects of my art.

Through my artwork, I would like the viewer to see the beauty in all living things.  One of my pieces Treasures on the Trail was published in the 2011 Bruce Trail Association calendar.

– Nicole Corrado