Jean Craighead George (1919-2012)

Jean Craighead George – Photo: Ellan Young Photography

Last week Jean Craighead George, one of the world’s most prominent wildlife writers died at the age of 92.  Jean Craighead George, along with Robert Bateman are two of my greatest influences as an artist.

When I was about 8 years old, I discovered her book Julie of the Wolves, which sparked my interest in wolves and other wildlife.  I loved the idea of taking refuge in the natural world, where one’s senses were clearer and social interactions were more straightforward.  I went on to read many of her other books, which furthered my interest in wildlife, and made me passionate about issues that affect the environment and animal welfare.

I wish I had gotten a chance to thank her for the inspiration she has given me.  I had intended to do so for a while, but I kept getting sidetracked by various things in life.  Jean Craighead George will be missed by many, and she will remain an influence to many generations to come.  May she rest in peace.