Reading books is her soul

My Joyous Feature

[Inspire by a quote from the book “Matilda”: “So Matilda’s strong young mind continued to grow, nurtured by the voices of all those authors who has sent their books out into the world like ships on the sea. Those books gave Matilda a hopeful and comforting message: You are not alone.”]

As a young child she can have that perfect little mind. Her mind turns into that nurturing spirit. She can read lots of books. From classic to fiction and everything else she can feel the voices of the authors who wrote the books that she already read. Reading books can be that true love of hers.

There’s a honest friend in every book that she read. Experiencing so many personalities beyond every character’s point of view. Imagine herself being that part of it. Finding it amazing to feel that way. Knowing there’s that feeling that can be like a…

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Anxiety: Some thoughts and strategies


‘Oh so i’s just anxiety?’ I have heard these words before and they always confuse me. There is no ‘just’ about anxiety. Anxiety is an experience which I think is common to the vast majority of autistic people and it is not always well understood.

I have generalised anxiety – which means I am stressed a lot of the time and it can be about anything and sometimes I can’t pinpoint a cause at all. In fact for me the event causing the anxiety is usually less distressing than the anxiety itself. My brain has an annoying quirk that if I am anxious for long enough the anxiety chemical in my brain turns into psychosis chemicals. So if someone dismisses my experience of anxiety I get quite upset because for me a psychotic episode could do a range of unpleasant things form me being terrified for years to not being…

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Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!


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Today is the Feast of Saint Nicholas, more commonly known as Santa Claus.  A bishop in Myra in Lycia (now Turkey), he was always generous and shared both time, food, and presents to the poor.  He still brings the gift of joy to many around the world.  You can read more about Saint Nicholas here.


Take my Hand


Take my hand to hold
your thoughts, fears
dreams, and wishes.
I will hold them while you rest.

Squeeze my hand
when the tears run down
your cheeks from the pain
of life.
I will squeeze back so you
know you are heard.

Grab my hand
when you feel like you’re
slipping into the abyss.
I will hold you steady
as you step back on solid ground.

Take my hand in friendship, love, and support.

Your thoughts, fears, dreams, wishes,
pain and unsteady gait are safe in my firm and steady grip.

©Alexis Rose, Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash

Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

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The magical fox who was not a fox but was actually plastic.

Hello, I am a bear

I recently spent quite a bit of time discussing many important topics with a very magical looking fox. I found the fox near a human cave, sitting on the human’s trimmed grass (why do humans trim grass when it is so neat and perfect as it is?) and staring off into space. The fox had what looked like some kind of fancy hat resting on its fuzzy head. Its whole body sparkled in the air, drawing my attention. It lit up its immediate space. It was magical.

I approached the fox cautiously. Most foxes run when they are approached no matter how cautious or friendly you might try to be toward them, but this fox was firmly staying where it was. I took that as a cue to continue approaching the fox. When I got face-to-face with the creature, I was mesmerized by how inviting it seemed. It stared at…

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Un-therapeutic therapy – Why forcing eye contact does more harm than good 


This morning  I was reading an excellent blog post by a friend about picking the best therapist for your autistic child (link:

The post has a list of positive qualities in therapists and also a list of negative ones. This is important for a number of reasons. Some therapies for autistic kids are decidedly unhelpful and very likely to do more harm than good.

One of the contentious areas when speaking about therapies and autism is the sort of therapies which aim to make autistic kids seem somehow ‘less autistic’. The premise of this seems to be something like their life will be easy if they aren’t noticeably different.

Sadly this is an approach which can leave autistic kids feeling invalidated and doubting everything they do. Some experience trauma from these kinds of therapies into adult life. Autism is integral to autistic people’s identity, experience and understanding. It…

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Autism, emotions, and self-expression

Autism, emotions, and self-expression

the silent wave

Hollywood and the media would have people believe that autistic people are “robots”.

(I know, right?)

But those of us in the know–and we’re a rapidly-expanding group–know better.

For the cheap seats, I’m capable of emotion. Some might say almost too capable. Emotions bowl me over with intensity. I freeze and act nonchalant, pausing just long enough to try to make sense of them.

Because that’s the real trick – not cultivating emotions, but sorting them out. Putting them in proverbial categories.

Heh, I wish.

I can’t usually get that far. I’m just lucky if I can express them in a recognizable way, a way that is socially acceptable.

Cue more inevitable social awkwardness. Cue the inevitable confusion.

Cue the inevitable inner torrents, as the different waves break and overlap each other, swirling into each other, taking turns overtaking each other.

Lots of “inevitable”s there.

People talk about mental pretzels…

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