Journal Flip Through (June 17 – August 17, 2017)

My Joyous Feature

This is the journal flip through that i just completed. I completed it in two months. As you can see some of the words on the cover of this journal had faded. Inside my journal is the same as always. I decorated the pages with Washi tapes and stickers. I also decorated the inside cover with printout journaling cards and put dots all around. There’s some clips from magazine and catalogs that i used as journal entries. There’s also some collages, wrappers, and other things like the lists of books I’ve read and pockets.

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Mennos dancing with the stars

over and around the rainbow

I can’t tell if Menno Simons (pictured below) is excited about Monday’s solar eclipse or disappointed in our sketch of him. Or maybe he just doesn’t like our reworking of the hymn “Will you let me be your servant.” Blame my friends, Menno, not me.*

menno eclipse II copyWill you let me be 3

*Jesse Graber (drawing); Joanna Harader and Maggie Goble (hymn text); Rosi Penner Kaufman (musical score assistance)

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Witness Statement Re Fire At Bawsey Drain

Witness Statement Re Fire At Bawsey Drain



I am putting this post up as a witness statement regarding an incident that happened somewhere in the region of one hour ago. 


I went out for a walk, to take some photos and do some thinking. I set out across the upper Purfleet, on to King Street and thence via the Tuesday Market Place and St Nicholas Chapel to the start of the footpath that runs alongside Bawsey Drain as far as Lynnsport. My initial plan was to cross a bridge that leads into a field, head via Kettlewell Lane to the train station, then through the parkland to Seven Sisters, down past the South Gate and across the Nar to hit the Great Ouse by way of Harding’s Pits and thence back into town along the river. However, I was approaching this bridge when I saw white smoke rising from the field on the other…

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Markings and Dag Hammarskjöld: A Secretary-General and the Path of Peace

Shepherding All God's Creatures

“In our era, the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action.”
Dag Hammarskjöld

Dag Hammarskjöld, secretary-general of the United Nations (1959). Location: United Nations, New York.
Wikimedia Commons

(Introduction written by Kathy Dunn)

We live in a world that is plagued by duality.  We can see signs of the beautiful and magnificent, the wonder of God’s beauty and intention in His created world.  Sometimes, this encompasses slight resemblances of the Shalom He intended, of peace and harmony. Yet less and less can we find this gentle life-giving ambiance.  Next door, we see the age in which we live whereby the natural world and workmanship of the Father’s hand is encroached upon, palpable by modern human dominion, squelched by human civilization that characterizes a world in which man is king.

All of us at some level deep inside our being long for meaning, something greater than us…

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happy oceans

Hi everyone! I know that I haven’t posted since January but school, soccer and summer has kept me so busy that I almost forgot to share with you guys some really cool stuff!!! I had almost forgot about something super, super great that happened back at the start of March…I went to Hawaii!!!!

Hawaii was spectacular and the best part was that I got to see the humpback whales in peak whale season! There were so many whales in Hawaii that you could see them right off our beach!  When we went on the catamaran the most awesome thing happened……a mama and baby whale breached right in front of our boat!! Here’s what happened… When we first saw the mama and her calf the crew immediately invited us up to the very front of the boat!  We sat there for about 1 min when suddenly the mama whale breached about…

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(repost) Partners in our Own and Other’s Deliverance


In light of recent occurrences of racialized violence here in the south-land, and the failure of key leaders to speak out clearly about the causes of racism, I thought it would be appropriate to share some old posts related to this issue.

Racism — not just expressed in feelings of the heart but also in systems of racial oppression dating back to slavery itself — is to the original sin not just of the south-land but America.  I hope my old reflections challenge and inspire you.  Please feel welcome to share your thoughts on how you are engaging these issues in your circles of influence.

Your progressive redneck preacher,


lords prayer 5I continue looking at prayers that have both pulled me and others through personal trials and struggles.   In the last several posts I have looked at the Lord’s Prayer itself.

Here are the words of the Lord’s Prayer, as included…

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Whispers of Autumn


Whispers playing off the breeze
entice us to look closer
at the bouquet of life
rising from summer’s warm hands.
We catch our breath
watching the spectacular
V-formations of birds
readying for their trip south.
Together, we ease into autumn.

©Alexis Rose. Image source: Pexels

Thank you for reading my memoir, Untangled, A Story of Resilience, Courage, and Triumph

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