I’ll Choose the Pen

My Joyous Feature

I’ll choose the pen to write things down. Mostly it’s permanent, so it won’t be erased. Sometimes when a mistake comes I’ll either rewrite on a different sheet of paper, cross it off, or use a whiteout.

I’ll choose the pen for journaling. It’s good enough to write things down even when there are a lot of errors. It doesn’t matter if there’s a misspelling or a grammatical error. All I do is just write it down with a pen. Perfect enough to release my thoughts into one page.

I’ll choose the pen because it can actually resemble style. Writing things out in different colors. Using my favorite brand name pens like Paper-mate or BIC. Sometimes crayons (but the ones that look new) or markers (depends on what type of paper).

I’ll choose the pen for everything else. Using them for reminders. Putting things down in my planner. Write some…

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I like you as you are

Love Like Lex

“You always make each day such a special day. And you know how – by just you’re being you. There is only ONE person in the whole world like you. And people can like you exactly as you are.”

– Mister Rogers

If you’re lucky enough, I’m sure you have heard that famous affirmation above. Maybe you heard it from me. But I would like to tell you a little bit about those words, where they came from, why I say them, and why they are some of the most important words that have ever existed.

I still remember the first time I watched Mister Rogers Neighborhood, which is odd, because I don’t remember as much from my childhood as I wish I had. I know that I was an angry child. I had a lot of my own inner personal problems dealing with social-emotional problems, connecting with my peers…

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Walking Alone

My Joyous Feature

As you walk alone, you just let your mind be put at ease. Give you the urge to let yourself feel that nature is calling you. Your mind can flow throughout many environments. Telling you which way you’re going.

There’s something as you walk alone, there’s a path. Feels like a path can be like going to the right destination. A path may feel more like finding a path that you walk through certain areas. Making sure that you know where you’re going.

There comes a time when walking in the rain can be a mixture of good and bad. Knowing that as you’re walking you just got caught in the rain. Luckily, you can use an umbrella or a raincoat to keep you dry. There’s quite something about walking in the rain in that visionary feeling. Making it more like daydreaming about it.

Walking can allow your mind to…

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Paint The World

My Joyous Feature

Paint the world with anything more interesting. As if the world could be transformed into another art form. Add that creative element.

Paint the world through nature’s eyes. Seeing the world as it is filled with things that can be related to nature.

Paint the world with some artistic creations. Added a splash of paint in various areas. Draw something which can be incredible for the whole world. Make the world as colorful as possible.

Paint the world with whatever comes to mind. Making the world be, more than anything to see with.

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Neuro Pride Ireland

Hello Neurokin,

A huge thank you to all participants, contributors, and volunteers for making our first Neuro Pride an overwhelming success! It was an absolute pleasure and privilege to get to know you all during our meetups and in our Facebook Participants group.

Thank you for your trust, your courage to share your joys and struggles, and for creating this welcoming space with us!

Want more? Here are 3 ways to support us today:

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Grow Through Life

My Joyous Feature

You grow through life. Let yourself be felt as you may shine through so many opportunities to count for. Knowing how many changes you may experience. Making you feel like you could live off so much.

There is a certain amount of courage that can be overcome. Make yourself more the way you can trust yourself about who you really are. Kind of like being much stronger on your own. Thinking about being in total control within that genuine self.

There is a time when we can focus on things. Have the necessity to grow with a little encouragement. Find the energy to live against. Understand that there may be something that can be completely right in life.

You let yourself develop something that you can grow up with. Knowing that you can learn so much. Letting go of life, it’s as if it’s easy. It may also be like…

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The Ability of Doing Things

My Joyous Feature

Everything in life can offer some ability to its purposes. Figure out how to be able to do things in our daily lives. Make us feel as if we can motivate ourselves when we had the ability to do things. Feel like we can live a full independent life.

We are able to adjust the changes in everything. Give us the sense that we can have the ability to be more intelligent in ourselves. After all, we can think of living beyond ourselves with passion. Believe that we may be able to be in control of ourselves.

There are a lot of reasons why we have the ability to do so much. One of the most reasons has been to just being our genuine selves. We can do things on our own. Like trusting ourselves in our own unique way.

Success can be a positive thing for us. Let us…

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Life Has to Offer

My Joyous Feature

Life has to provide the things that can be given.

In our opinion, there are so many possibilities in life.

Feels like we can understand ourselves in so many ways.

Encourage each other to learn more about life.

Hopefully we can trust ourselves much more.

An opportunity to reflect on what’s best for us.

Staying true as always.

Thinking about the goals of life.

Open those doors to an alternate state of life.

Open our eyes to these brighter times.

Facing the facts that we have to deal with.

Find the time to shine through.

Everything in life can provide almost anything.

Realize there’s a future ahead of us.

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Answers That We Demand

My Joyous Feature

At that moment there are answers we can use to solve things. Feeling like there can be something to understand about. Letting us deal with it by the use of questions. Knowing it by answering it in our own way.

At some point there’s no right or wrong way to answer something. Sometimes it’s the opposite way like you have to look up something in order to answer some things like an assignment or tests.

We use these answers in a variety of ways. Let us think more about this in a completely different way. As always, the key to the answers, are the questions. Figure out a way to use it to deal with so many things.

There is a commitment to using the answers that we must deal with. Feeling like putting the piece of a puzzle together. Also like searching for clues. There are other things that…

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Perfect Florals (Flowers)

My Joyous Feature

Perfect as always these flowers may be more like a masterpiece.

Everything in this total perfection can make those flowers, very beautiful to look at.

Realize that it can blend into something else.

Flowers of different forms can merge into one.

Even when it stands out these flowers can be made perfectly into any space.

Colours for various flowers can do something as it can be seen in a magazine.

Taking these flowers into a different level. Like making them stand out from anything else.

Finding these flowers like art in a totally different way.

Loving these flowers when it can be placed somewhere so it can be seen.

Outdoors can make these florals shine through the bright daylight.

Realize that these flowers are made from different types of flowers blending together.

A photograph of flowers can be like…

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