If bearness ends up being pointless, I guess I will keep being a bear.

Hello, I am a bear

I like to believe being a bear has a point and, therefore, my bearness has a point. I am a bear in the forest, and it is nice to think that matters to something or somewhere to some end. Maybe the forest needs me and my bearness. Maybe some other creature needs me and my bearness. Maybe me just needing my bearness to be a bear is enough for my bearness to have a point.

I like to believe that.

But maybe being a bear is not supposed to have a point. No end. No meaning. Maybe I am a bear because I am a bear, that is all there is to it. That is a little scary, but it is also a little nice. If being a bear is truly pointless, it takes a great deal of pressure off of me and all the expectations I impose upon my…

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Live in that Self-Belief moment

My Joyous Feature

In that self-belief moment, there’s that power to open up. Feeling worthy of all. An empower moment that shall take it to that special value.

A self-conscious mind can take that courage into that self-belief moment. In that powered mind, there’s that true opinion that shall lead to it.

Life has that cherishing figure into a moment beyond self-belief. Assuming the facts that things will bring that empowerment into that conscious mind. Feeling free for that very moment. A visualization can cherish that moment of gratitude and wisdom. It can be the voice of the self-brief.

There’s a moment beyond self-brief that can nourish that time and knowledge. Heading into that respected life. There’s nothing into a moment that’s fading out.

The experience through self-belief is learning so many matters. Matters that can learn from the past and can be used in the present. It will then shall lead into…

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Trees in Transistion IX



It has been a few days since I did one of these posts. While plenty of the trees have shed most or all of their leaves some are still quite green.


I have two sets of tree pictures to share, the second of which were taken only yesterday evening.

The ones from yesterday evening:

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Book suggestions for Pit Bull Awareness Day (October 27th, 2013)

The Ontario Pit Bull Ban is now 12 years old.

Art by Nicole Corrado

It has been 8 years since Ontario implemented the controversial pi bull ban.  The ban doesn’t protect people, but has become an animal welfare concern.  To learn more about pit bulls and breed-specific legislation, here are a few book suggestions:

Dog Lost, (written by Ingrid Lee, published in 2010 by Chicken House), introduces children to the problems with breed-specific legislation.  As a small city is preposing a ban on pit bulls, a pit bull puppy gets lost  While pit bulls are being maligned, this puppy manages to become a hero not only to people in his community, but also to the dozens of shelter pit bulls whose lives are at risk from the proposed ban.  Dog Lost provides a detailed, balanced view of breed banning, while remaining hopeful for breed banning to end.

Dogtown, (written by Stefan Bechtel, published in 2010 by National Geographic), tells the true stories…

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Give it to that creative ability

My Joyous Feature

A creative power can take control of everything about you. It opens that quality into a whole new level. Creative takes that strong power through everything. In that creative mind it can feel like the magic of artistic creation. There’s a life that can cherish through that creative ability.

Life gets that creative power into the distance. Opening up that powered mind. Placing it into that perfect level beyond that creative mind.

Dreams brings that creative ability into the visualization. It can be envisioned with an image that you can actually see it in your mind before doing it. Letting you visualize it in a much creative way.

A creative power makes you feel into the wind. The wind can be fulfilled with that force of honesty. In that wind, there’s dreams to let that creative mind flow. Cherishing life throughout that creative mind. Everything will be put altogether and…

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The Four Social Rules every Autistic Person needs to Learn

The Four Social Rules every Autistic Person needs to Learn

Autism and Expectations

Trigger warning – although this post doesn’t mention any detail of abuse, it is about the dangers of teaching someone not to trust in their right to say no

From a young age I was taught three things:-

  • The messages I get from my body are wrong
  • Not wanting to be touched is wrong
  • That I must override these feelings to be accepted

From encouraging an autistic child to give up a harmless stim (which may be helping them to cope with negative sensory information), to telling them that eye-contact doesn’t hurt (when it does translate to pain for some), or that hugs are pleasant physical contact (when they may be too much sensory information all at once) or that labels aren’t painful (when the feeling of being clawed at may be very real), navigating what will be believed as real, and what will be dismissed as silly or attention-seeking…

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Harmony. Balance. Universe.

My Joyous Feature

Life shall live in harmony. Harmony has the joy into an impression of singing. The spirit lets out its pure delight into the goodness of the soul of harmony. Living in harmony feels like there’s music in the air. It can direct into that perfect balance.

Balance takes a point of view. It can be applied to most everything! Everything that’s related to that degree of balance. Carrying it into that stronger feeling. It will never be put aside against it completely.

The entire world can be filled into the universe. The universe can sustain the birds flying over the sea. The birds chipping sounds can put the sounds of the sea into a soothing mood. The universe can be the part of everything else.

Harmony, balance, and universe have some qualities that’s made each of them unique about it. Together, it will carry it all the way.

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