An Autistic Perspective – Non-Autistic Parents & the Neurodiversity Movement

Neurodivergent Rebel


Hi everyone.  NeuroRebel here, and this week I wanted to talk about a very disturbing tweet that I have seen on Twitter, and it was talking about how they claim that the neurodiversity movement is anti-NT parent of autistic kids.

This is really, really absolutely not true.

A lot of the work I do is because I see that there are parents out there looking for help, looking for answers, and looking for questions.  When I do a video, I just kind of try to think “What would I have wanted the adults and teachers and parents around me to have known when I was growing up (undiagnosed)?”

Now that I’m able to share these things, that’s why I make my videos.  I can’t speak for other people out there who make autism videos and love neurodiversity as much as I do, because it really has changed and saved…

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