‘Please don’t smash my toilet!’ – Autism and accessing mental health services 

While this post is from Australia, it poses some issues that would be worth asking candidates in Ontario’s upcoming provincial election.


This is a post about services. Could you imagine how you might react if you called a plumber and they came over and were so inept that they made the issue you needed fixing worse? Or if they turned up and smashed up your the toilet? And could you imagine if they denied that anything wrong had happened even if it was obvious to everyone that it had? You would rightfully be pretty pissed off I imagine. You accessed  a service hoping it would help address something serious and instead it made matters much worse. That is very poor service delivery. Yet when many people – and many autistic people particularly – access mental health clinical services the metaphorical smashed toilet is all too often what they experience.

I will preface this piece by saying that I know there are some great mental health workers and my concerns are more…

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