Transformation, Asperger’s / Autism…and me

the silent wave

It’s been said that people on the Asperger’s/autism spectrum have a tough time making changes. To a point, I’m certainly “guilty” of that, if it’s something to be guilty about, which in itself is up for debate. My take? It is what it is, whatever it may be, for each of us.

During this recent, unexplained (and currently, unexplainable) Cocooning Period, I’ve been given the time to draw inward, to retreat without having to go anywhere. The retreat into my psychological and spiritual innards doesn’t always feel like the peaceful vacation/holiday that the word “retreat” conjures up, but: it is what it is, right? It’s cliché, but it’s true.

Retreats are temporary, even the longer-term kind. I always return, at least in some sense of the word, maybe not ever fully, for contemporary civilization as we know it is not really my home or my natural state, but I do…

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