If the real world were like my inner world…


I sometimes talk about my ‘Jeanette universe’. This is the world I want to live in. It often exists within my mind and also in physical space at my home, the wonderful Whimsy Manor. I want to share my world with you because it is an affirming place. This is also a bit activist-y, in my own rather gentle way, because my universe and the actual world are very different.

So, in my universe:

  • There is no bullying or abuse. No sexual or family or other kinds of violence, no discrimination on the basis of any characteristic and no prejudice
  • Autism isn’t ever seen as needing to be ‘cured’. In fact neurodiversity is the accepted way of being
  • Nobody needs to ‘mask’ – people are valued for being their own unique them 
  • People are respected for their skills and experience regardless of background, ability or any other characteristic 

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